The negative side of gps jammers

If you are in charge of managing the operations and logistics of a shipping company, you need to know what a jammer is.

  GPS jammers are devices that intentionally block and interfere with various types of communication signals, including GPS.

  Radio frequencies and cellular and Wi-Fi signals can also be affected by jammers.  They were created for security purposes for use by governments, security services, banks and others, in recent years they have also been used for vandalism and criminal gangs.

  If you are the person responsible for planning and controlling trips and routes, it is important that you be careful and try to protect yourself from these devices.  Otherwise, you may become victims of robberies on the roads.


  For this reason, now that you know what a silencer is, we will explain the practical steps to counter it.

  Use tracking systems with anti-interference features

  This is the top tip to protect yourself from jammers and keep every single one of the units in your fleet safe and in control.

  Essentially, anti-interference controls are features that some tracking platforms have that use algorithms and communication to determine the presence of interferers and issue a warning.

  In other words, they allow operators and controllers to take instant actions that prevent criminal groups from carrying out their functions, for example:

  e-book security

  immobilize vehicles;

  activate the alarm and other security elements;

  call the police immediately;

  change itinerary or cancel it.

  Systems with these features are part of comprehensive tracking plans that also prevent operator misconduct, maintenance control failures and accidents due to poor driving.

  In general, these devices significantly increase the control of logistics and make operational monitoring more flexible and optimized.


  Technological update

  In addition to having an anti-jamming system, it is important to upgrade technology resources, especially those dedicated to unit tracking, to prevent these blockers and inhibitors, especially not so recent models, from affecting the monitoring and control of logistics, for now by updating such actions,  as how to display coverage areas.

  With each passing day, devices and systems are much less likely to be hacked as they are equipped with state-of-the-art security mechanisms and have shorter reaction times to attacks and tampering, hoping that they will soon be immune to jammers.